Anywhere out of the World - Open Studios

7 Aug

Anywhere out of the World - Open Studios

7 - 12 Aug 2021

Saturday 7th August, 11.30am -5pm

Tuesday to Thursday, 10.30am-5pm


QSS are delighted to welcome you to visit our studios and exhibition space as part of this year’s EastSide Arts Festival.

In our gallery space we have an exhibition entitled ‘Anywhere out of the World’, which brings together the work of five artists from across the island of Ireland. This group of artists includes two QSS members – Angela Hackett and Michelle McKeown - along with Alan McMahon, Edy Fung and Josephine McCormick.

‘Anywhere out of the World’ forges connections between painting, sound, photography and the mediated mark whilst exploring the materiality of the digital realm. Exhibiting artists explore ‘the glitch’ as maverick marker of techno decay and celebrate its insurgent potential, both as algorithmic dissident and agent of becoming.

A selection of QSS studios will also open to the public on Saturday 7th August, allowing behind-the-scenes access to the workplaces of some of Belfast’s brightest emerging and established artists. Participating artists include Gerard Carson, Susan Connolly, Catherine Davison, Dan Ferguson, Clare French, Joy Gerrard, Meadhbh McIlgorm, Jane Rainey and Gail Ritchie. Open studio events offer a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to explore a vast and diverse selection of artwork in an informal setting.


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Queens Street Studios, 11-13 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast, BT5 5AA
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