Ballymacarrett and the German Air Raids

26 Jun

Ballymacarrett and the German Air Raids

This walking tour will visit streets in Ballymacarrett which experienced high death tolls during the German air raids of 1941. Nigel Henderson will be relating the stories of some of the fatalities at or close to where they died. Nigel will use comparisons of the Belfast Street Directory listings for 1939 and 1943 to demonstrate the housing shortages caused by the bombing. Subject to permission being granted, the tour will also visit St Patrick's Church of Ireland, which was badly damaged in the air raids, and Mountpottinger Methodist Church, which has a stained glass window depicting and commemorating the air raids. 

Event Time: 
Saturday 26th June 2pm
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EastSide Visitor Centre
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Guided Tour, History, Outdoors

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