BINGO Bonanza Ballroom Blitz!

13 Aug

BINGO Bonanza Ballroom Blitz!



A wonderfully fun evening filled with laughter, cabaret, games, live BINGO, lots of banter and amazing prizes to be won! 

Join us as Lady P, Northern Ireland’s First Lady of Drag takes to the stage after a year locked in a cupboard (it's a long story) and ready to shake her BINGO balls with her show-stopping sidekick, the Queen of the Regions, Miss Onya Becks. 

The girls can't wait to see you all again and are set to dazzle with their sassy banter, big hair and if we’re honest, even bigger waist lines due the Lockdown Gin Cleanse they have been on… If you’ve been on a similar diet, pop out and get yourself something new and get those tickets booked... you’re worth it! 

For more information on booking and covid measures please click HERE. 

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Harland & Wolff Staff Club
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