The Boy on the Bridge by Julie Dutkiewicz

10 Aug

The Boy on the Bridge by Julie Dutkiewicz



You know James Ellis, right?

Celebrated Belfast actor, synonymous with Z CarsThe Billy Plays and staging the controversial Over the Bridge. The new archive at Linen Hall Library introduces us to a whole new Jimmy we didn’t know. Prolific writer, poet, translator and activist. Join us to explore the life of James Ellis.  See why this Belfast son, with a bridge named in his honour, embodied everything it takes not just to survive, but to leave behind a legacy that changed how we view ourselves and the city we live in.

In partnership with the Linen Hall Library and Belfast Film Festival, Kabosh stages the premiere reading of The Boy on the Bridge, intercut with poignant footage from an interview by Gerry Anderson and examples of James’ film writing work.


For more information on booking and covid measures please click HERE. 

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Strand Arts Centre, 152-154 Holywood Road, Belfast, BT4 1NY
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