Brain Injury Matters Exhibition

14 Aug

Brain Injury Matters Exhibition

FREE - This event will be live on the EastSide Arts Facebook page at the advertised time


Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the consequences of the lockdown.

In response to this, Brain Injury Matters (BIM) successfully applied to The Community Foundation Coronavirus Community Fund and the Clothworkers Foundation and set up three separate arts projects which will be shared on the EastSide Arts social media platforms during the festival.

A common theme emerged - how participants’ everyday experience of living has changed as a result of having an acquired brain injury:

‘Changes’ is a visual story using an image of a playground to illustrate how life has changed and how objects such as a picnic table or a slide, for instance, have a whole new meaning and are a different experience as a result of living with an acquired brain injury during the lockdown.

‘Seeing The World Through My Eyes’ is a visual and text piece that explores the challenges the group face on a daily basis as a result of their acquired brain injury and invites the viewer to put the pandemic into a different perspective.

“Inside Our Heads’ is a short animation created by one of our younger groups and covers their experience of how their lives changed as a result of having an acquired brain injury.

Facilitator: Ciara McGuigan, The CMAC Projects

Arts Coordinator: Ciara O’Malley, Brain Injury Matters

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