Brain Injury Matters - 'Waiting'

7 Aug

Brain Injury Matters - 'Waiting'



Waiting... by Christine Williamson, Arturo Galang, Kieran Stewart, Roger Kane, David Murphy, Paul O’Reilly, Hugh Mc Inally and Helen Hall.

The world is Waiting... Waiting for what? The pandemic to end? To see loved ones? Or maybe a delivery from Amazon. The group have explored the idea of waiting…how they move and explore the world they are in, and how they stay connected to the outside world. But what are they waiting for?

Waiting…. A dance piece created by a group of individuals with an acquired brain injury over Zoom with dancer Helen Hall. Brain Injury Matters (NI) was established in 2013 as an independent regional third sector organisation supporting, promoting and empowering those individuals and families affected by acquired brain injury

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