CASH RETURNS - The Johnny Cash & June Carter Tribute Show.

11 Aug

CASH RETURNS - The Johnny Cash & June Carter Tribute Show.

CASH RETURNS has been hailed as the most exciting Johnny Cash & June Carter Tribute in the UK, Ireland and beyond by Man In Black fans. It is regarded as one of the best touring live music shows in the country with a fan base that grows daily. The show was recently awarded Best Tribute Band at the Hot Country TV Awards, and Best Tribute Show at the 2022 'Northern Ireland Country Music Awards', for the second year running.​

The show stars the award-winning JP Mac as Johnny Cash and Karen Martin as June Carter.

JP Mac’s baritone voice and tone is scarily uncanny to the Man in Black's himself, earning him an official accolade from Cash's drummer of nearly forty years, W.S (Fluke) Holland. He was described their tracks as 'quite amazing' on his radio show in Tennessee.

Karen Martin, from Comber, County Down, was brought up around American country music from a very early age. Her love for music has led her to perform in the country music scene around Ireland, UK and beyond over the past 20 years, both with bands and as a solo artist. A small frame with a huge voice and stage presence, armed with all the charm and sassiness that her original counterpart radiated made this 'Wildwood Flower’ ideal for the role of June Carter when she joined Cash Returns in 2017.

*As a full bar is provided, patrons WILL NOT be permitted to bring their own alcohol onto the site.*

*This is an outdoor event with no rain cover - please wear suitable clothing*

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C.S. Lewis Square
Visitor Centre, 402 Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4 1HH
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