Dundonald Cemetery book launch

14 Dec

Dundonald Cemetery book launch

Detailing almost 1,000 headstones commemorating, amongst others, (Flight Lieutenant) Henry Joy McCracken, Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon, Dr Fleming Fulton and Horatio Todd, as well as 2 survivors of the Titanic, and a local man who was shipwrecked 5 times, this new book - featuring more than 350 pages, and available for £12.99 - would make an ideal Christmas present for any local taphophile (look it up!). Featuring 20 themed trails, as well as a comprehensive overview of each of the 32 sections of the cemetery, all illustrated with photographs, the book launch should take less than one hour, and will be followed by a tour of the Cemetery (weather dependent!). Please RSVP to pmtours27@gmail.com

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EastSide Visitor Centre
Free Event

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