A-Z of Belfast Cinemas

13 Aug

A-Z of Belfast Cinemas



Join filmmaker Brian Henry Martin on an alphabetical odyssey, a special illustrated online talk to celebrate the golden age of the cinema.

Cinema arrived in Belfast in the 1890’s but the golden age was undoubtedly the 1930's when picture palaces sprung up all across the city. There were more than forty cinemas with glamorous names like The Troxy, The Curzon and the jewel of east Belfast,The Strand.  These luminous theatres were essential places of fantasy and escape during depressed times. Thus began a love affair between the citizens of Belfast and the big screen.

An affair we will remember, from the usherettes to the orchestra pits, the jam jars to the film stars. This is a story of boom but not bust. The number of cinemas may have declined in recent years but but this city’s passion for the pictures has not diminished.

So why not come along, share your memories and take the ultimate cinematic trip?

Brian Henry Martin is a filmmaker, broadcaster and popcorn advocate from Belfast.

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