The Great Bakeries of East Belfast

Delve deep in to the scrumptious streets of Belfast’s breads and baps as you venture throughout some of the East’s most beloved bakeries.

Located along the Newtownards Road you will uncover the delicious treats of Jordan’s Home Bakery – a bakery that has been blessing our locals with freshly made buns, breads and apple pies since 1905! From this point onwards, uncover the existence of more than a dozen bakeries all within the area of EastSide... a true 'icing on the cake' type of adventure not to be ‘whisked’!

If you are partial to a more traditional bake, then look no further than the bakeries mentioned below, hand-picked by a local for you to indulge and enjoy.

(Source: Dodd's Family Bakery)

Fulfil your sweet cravings with delight as you devour in some sweet childhood favourites, from jam and coconut biscuits and flies’ graveyards to the classic custard tart and fresh cream sponges topped with a bouquet of refreshingly juicy fruits - a sugary extravaganza of pure nostalgia!

(Source: Kirk's Home Bakery)

For those who prefer a taste of savoury and are seeking the best morning, afternoon or midday munch, then why not relish in the classic, crumbly goodness of a pork or beef sausage roll from any of our wonderful EastSide bakeries? Or perhaps a traditional Northern Irish filled soda would cater to your tremendous tastes?

But this is just to name a few, with there being many incredible bakeries to explore within the area. Here are some more great bakeries in East Belfast that should not be overlooked:

  • Dodd’s Family Bakery (Holywood Arches) - Have any upcoming celebrations or occasions? Perhaps you would like to place an order for one of this bakery's finely decorated cakes!
  • Kirk's Home Bakery (Upper Newtownards Road) - Having recently added some Sourdough bread to their menu, choose from this and their wide range of products!
  • The Golden Crumb (Belmont Church Road) - For a hint of sweet spice, why not pop in to this bakery for one of their cinnamon loaves that are considered to be the best in the East?
  • Hamilton's Home Bakery (Connsbrook Avenue) - With a selection of savoury such as filled sodas through to the sweetness of a fresh cream bun, who could resist?
  • Elizabeth’s Home Bakery (Belmont Road) - From fudge bars, German biscuits, Apple Squares and many more, this bakery is perfect for that after-school treat!

Amidst these charmingly tasteful adventures, why not become enrooted in the heart of Belfast’s very own donut and cupcake culture? A craze that has taken the EastSide by storm!

Gone were the days of old-fashioned ring style donuts and the traditional iced fairy cake, with each of the following bakeries serving up some unique, exquisite and sweet-defying creations!

Take a stroll along Bloomfield Avenue where you will uncover the cupcake heaven that is J-Bird, a boutique bakery where an array of exciting flavours are bestowed.

From the luscious flavourings of red velvet, maple bacon and lemon meringue, right through to the tropical tingling tastes of coconut-raspberry, pink lemonade and strawboffee - your taste buds shall be sent in to a whirlwind of sumptuous sensations!

With mini versions of each full-sized cupcake available, who could resist the temptation of purchasing more than just a few?

A cupcake paradise not to be forsaken!

(Source: J-Bird Bakery)

If you fancy a trek, why not pop in to Lazy Claire on the Castlereagh Road? Just as if you were sitting in the very heart of Paris, immerse in this once in a lifetime patisserie experience where EastSide meets cakes, croissants and choux pastry galore!

Aside from their rainbows of magnificent macarons and pretty pastries, this patisserie has transformed the everyday éclair in to a colourfully glazed piece de resistance. With glorious glazings of blackcurrant, salted caramel, Madagascan vanilla and more, prepare to be dazzled by the taste of a spectaculalry East Parisian extravaganza.

(Source: Lazy Claire Patisserie)

As for a perfectly portrayed selection of donuts, who could resist the temptation of an espresso glazed cookie butter or perhaps a maple bacon long john from Guilt Trip, both washed down with a soothingly silky cup of smooth tasting coffee? Bliss.

Located along Orangefield Lane, this café and sit-in bakery is the perfect place for capturing that snap for Instagram - a haven for food bloggers not just across EastSide, but from anywhere and everywhere!

And if you wish to fully immerse in the Guilt Trip experience, then why not pick up one of their awesome mugs to drink from, a cool t-shirt to wear or perhaps one of their cute donut pins to carry with you as a keepsake? You do-nut want to miss out on this fun, fresh and funky adventure!

(Source: Guilt Trip Donuts)

EastSide – the true definition of what it really means to be born and ‘bread’!

By Lauren Crothers

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